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Sprinkle of Whimsy Holiday Editorial 2020

Melody Matthews

Fa la la la la! There's so much magic to go around in the small shop world. About six months ago I got (kind of) a wild idea. I have always wanted to organize a holiday editorial, and with the holidays coming up, I knew a Christmas editorial would be the perfect opportunity to make magic. I was dreaming up what the perfect Christmas day would be like through the eyes of a child...whimsical trees, pops of color everywhere, and a surplus of shiny, soft, cuddly toys + gifts! What else could make it dreamier? The perfect holiday attire complete with fun tees, new shoes, twirly dresses, capes, sparkly headbands and bows. With an overabundance of amazing children's shops, this shoot was destined to be pretty dreamy! If you can't tell already, the end product is beyond magical! Big thanks to our sweet + uber talented photographer, Elyse Fair! She was near the end of her 3rd trimester in pregnancy when she shot this editorial for us and she made magic happen with the kids. We all know how incredibly difficult photography can be when you add in young children, let alone two, or three, or five of them. All in all, Elyse is basically a real-life superwoman! There's so much applause to be given to her. 

We asked some amazing shops to join our editorial and we are more than grateful to them for their contribution and willingness to take a chance on a shop as new as ours. Implementing other small shops into this editorial was the core focus of the shoot for so many reasons. The small shop world is so special to me. Behind every small shop is a person (or family!) working diligent and hard for their business. Most small shops are usually run by a person who is working to support their family, or a person who has taken a giant leap to pursue their passions and dreams, and nine times out of ten, both circumstances apply. So much time, work, sweat, tears, and creativity goes into these shops and their products. Being a new small shop owner has taught me so many things, the most important being that small shops should never be taken for granted. They offer products with so much heart and soul, and they need our support to thrive! We had the opportunity to work with so many talented shops for this editorial. To recognize their contributions, we have included a detailed list below of all of the participating shops + vendors who helped us make pure holiday magic this year! Every single one of these shops has something amazing to offer. Please use the links below to shops their pages and show them some love for the holidays! Every little bit of love goes a long way. 


Participating shops:

Cuddle + Kind

Banwood Bikes 

Little Light Feet 


Chalk Designs By Me

Meri Meri 

Kepner Scott Shoe Company 


Alice and Ames

Pearl and Jane 

The Neu Company

Grimm’s Wooden Toys

Kiko and GG

Olli Ella 

Steamline Luggage


Pottery Barn Kids

House of Emmerson 


Blabla Kids

Venue: White Moose Studios 

Photographer: Elyse Fair - Ely Fair Photography

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