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October favorites.

Melody Matthews

Hello, all! I'm so glad that you're here. It's Melody - the woman behind Sprinkle of Whimsy. The end of October is near and WOW, has it been a blast! October is the month that starts my favorite time of the year. At Sprinkle of Whimsy, we live for holidays & birthdays (or really any kind of celebration, actually) and October has been so good to us. Seeing so many of you tag our business account and use #sprinkleofwhimsy has led me to so much amazing content from so many talented mamas. I hope you all understand how much JOY sparks inside of me every time I get to share your amazing ideas, photos & design. I truly know how much hard work, effort & creativity is put into it and how nice it feels to have others notice. The simple act of sharing the creative ideas of others across platforms is not only good for so many small businesses and blogs, but it shows the appreciation that I know we all have for each other and the support we so badly all want to give and receive back. With that being said, I've rounded up some of my favorite ideas from all of you creative mamas for the month of October. All of you are so talented, it just blows me away. There is sooooo much good stuff to share, but if I shared all of it I'd be here forever. Please just know you are so loved and appreciated here at Sprinkle of Whimsy!


Spooky treats & spreads.










Halloween party & home decor.











Halloween crafts.





DIY Costumes.









Halloween baskets.




Creepy, crawly hairstyles.




Pajamas & dress-up.







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