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Halloween pajamas round-up.

Melody Matthews

I know what you're thinking...Halloween in July?! Well, mamas...we all know the good Halloween jammies sell out super early. Is it just me, or do holidays start earlier and earlier every single year?! Let me start off by saying you do not need to spend an insane amount of money on holiday-themed jammies for your kids. I know it adds up, especially with multiples. I do this blog for fun because I love sharing festive products and all the fun things for the holidays. This is strictly just spooky business. Here's my Halloween jammies round-up for 2020. I'm sure more will pop up as we get closer to Halloween so I will continue to update this. 
P. S., here is a MAJOR mom-life yourself a favor and search the second-hand apps (Poshmark, Mercari, & Kidizen) for these kinds of things. You can score kid's jammies used for less than half of the original price!!! Just yesterday, I bought my daughter two used pairs in amazing condition. I use these apps frequently to save money and it is seriously the best thing ever! Second mom the jammies in alternated sizes (size 4 and size 6 for example) to get the most amount of wear out of your favorite styles. I do this if there is a pair of pajamas I just can't live without. By doing this, my daughter can wear the same style multiple years in a row!
festive photo credit: @hellobabybrown
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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


  • Where are the cute black ghost pajamas from (1)? The link is going to the Old Navy ‘Cutest Pumpkin’ pajamas (7).


  • Hi, Sarah! Hanna Anderson typically releases their fall season items in late August/early September! I hope this helps you out. Thank you for asking!

    Melody - Sprinkle of Whimsy

  • Do you know when Hanna Anderson typically releases their Halloween/fall line?


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