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DIY Holiday Shaker Globes.

Melody Matthews


These DIY shaker snow globes were such a hit with our holiday bedroom tour and I got so many requests for more details + a DIY post, so here it is! 

Making these shaker globes was just an idea that popped into my head this season. I chose to make shaker snow globes instead of water snow globes for a few reasons...

• These are much easier to keep clean on the inside. DIY snow globes require distilled water & glycerin, and even then, the water gets murky and the globes become less clear over time! 

• These are lighter in weight! I wanted to make something that was a lot less breakable than regular snow globes because my toddler is obsessed with snow globes but they’re usually super heavy and made out of glass, as well as heavy because of the weight of the water inside. These DIY shaker globes are so lightweight, yet sturdy! 

• I don’t have to worry about sealing these globes, nor do I have to worry about water leaks in the future!

Here is what you’ll need to make a magical shaker snow globe...

- DIY plastic snow globe. (here are the ones I bought.)

- Mini figures to go inside. (I used the Tiny Treasures line from Michaels, here.)

- Fake snow/glitter.

- Super glue. (For me, Gorilla Glue worked best.)



Step 1: Configure your layout! Set up your figurines to fit onto the small base (bottom of the globe). Make sure that the globe will fit over them before you glue them onto the base. This is very important! I found that for these globes, one medium sized figure and two small ones fit onto the base best. If you want to do a larger figure inside, keep in mind that there won't be room to glue others around it.

Step 2: Once you've decided which layout you like best, glue them onto the base! I tried multiple glues and the one that worked best for me was Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue has a yellow tint to it so once it dried, I covered up any visible glue with fake snow. Glue fake snow/glitter onto the areas of the base that are not covered by the figurines. This assures that when you shake the globe around, no bare spots will be visible! 

Step 3: Let your glue dry overnight before you screw the base into the globe! It will not dry if it is sealed inside of the globe already. 

Step 4: Once the base is dry and your figurines seem very sturdy, take the globe (without the base screwed in yet) and while holding it upside down, fill it with 2-3 tablespoons of fake snow! Any more snow than this will end up covering your figurines once you screw in the base and we want to be able to see the cute things inside, of course! 

Step 5: Screw in your figurine base while holding the globe upside down (so the snow doesn't fall out, of course!) and then once you have screwed it in and everything is secure, your globe is good to go!


Your little ones will love these DIY snow globes! They are so much safer, practical, and super easy to make. Consider using a mix of fake snow AND glitter for additional fun on the inside of your magical snow globe! Swap out snow with confetti and glitter for other holidays. You can do so much with these year-round. I truly hope you all enjoy making these as much as I did. 


- XO, Melody









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